Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mosaic or Melting Pot( (o・_・)? (o・_・o)?

I haven't seen you for a long time.(^_^;)
Tonight, I want to write about "Mosaic or Melting Pot".

We debate about this subject in my English class three(?!) weeks ago, and our side insisted that Melting Pot is better because of creating new interesting cultures (ex. rice burger) .

For myself, the answere of the question is change on which we discuss it -the culture way, or economic way.

About culture, "Mosaic" is better. It is natural thing that we want to protect our own culture, because the culture is our Identity.

But then, I think "Melting Pot" is better than "Mosaic" in the economical way. In Mosai sosiety, they are apt to cause economical gap between areas (but in a state). Differencing from the economical gap in an area, this gap has deep problems. It is not difficult to help some poor people in an area, but it is very difficult for poor area to developing.

Morever, the gap between areas capable of causing 'conflict'. (I think there are confict not for religion but for economical gap)

I cannot conclude which is better and suggest good Idea now・・・(-ω-;)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

culture of former inhabitant (japan)

Today I'd like to write about "calture of indigenous peoples".In japan there are two(?) indigenous peoples except japanese(Yamato)nation,that is to say Ainu and Okinawa. Japan have developing, these other nations incorporated in it by degrees. After World War Ⅱ,Ainu and Okinawa have been recorganaized as indigenous peoples formally without segregation.

Ainu and Okinawa people have proper custams and culture. They have indigenous land across the sea from the main island of japan and other,so they can easily protect their own culture.(of corse now Okinawa and Ainu people have same life-stile of japanese) But we give our mind to the indigenous in other states all over the wored,most of them is persecuted and have lost their own culture.

Next, I will write about the rights of indigenous peoples :-)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

animation cartoon-watched in class(remark)

This animation teached us what is nation(and nation conflicts).I think that our human fear against others especially differ from surface because we can't understand why they have such surface(or language,religion,culture,etc)and we are afraid of them. Wanting to conceal the feeling of fear from them and ourself,we dicriminate against them in such result.Of corse it is not all case.In some case,for example in Rwanda,Futu and Tutsi are orginary same nation and they speak same language,have same calture and religion,but the genocide happened…

animation cartoon-watched in class(summary)

I must have over 4-6 article by now・・・:-(
When I checked my mail box just now,there is my teacher's mail and he said "still wait!!"
But i am very slow starter(Is "slow starter" Japanese??), so I want to have enough to do to catch up on my homework from now on.(-。-;)

We watched a strange animation in last class(10/3),and I'd like to explain it.

I thinked this animation's picture was more old-fashioned than "Hoshinoko-cyobin"or"Ganba".(Do you know these japanese old animation??) But this animation was good because it gave us a easy chance that we considered what is nation/race.

At first some group have lived in the land. Some day other group came in. Both of them were very much alike,(both these nation had two eyes, a mouth, and short leg. They salute by the same way) but they detested each other. Having battle with arm(?) ,they was wound in the fight. At last, they ceased from fighting because they could't have been indistinguishable -that is to say both of them became "the hexagon nation"!!


Sunday, October 02, 2005

English Blog?!

Hi.I'm Mio.
This day I start English-Blog, so in my Englsh class we should have one English-Blog and write some international topics (I stady International politics in Aoyama Gakuin University) 3days a week.
I confuse now, because I am poor at English・・・:-(